Before You Sign Up for a Parish Leader Account…

We are so excited to have you and your parish on board for Greater. We wanted to make sure you understood a few things before you signed up:

  1. You are signing up for Version 1 of Greater. There are additional elements and features that will be added in subsequent versions.
  2. Parish Leader Accounts are charged every month whether you have students actively participating in the retreat. To not be charged, you’ll need to cancel your account.
  3. You can purchase student registrations once you have a Parish Leader Account. There will be a link inside your account, but you can also have students pay for themselves during registration.

Currently Available In Parish Leader Accounts:

  • Parish Leader Roadmap (four week version)
  • Weekly Adult Guides (all 4 weeks – English)
  • Parent Welcome Videos (English and Spanish)
  • Student Content Videos (all 4 weeks – English)
  • Prayer Experience Videos (all 4 weeks – English)
  • Parish Leader Roadmap (two day version)
  • Two Day Parent Guide (English)

Coming Soon for Parish Leader Accounts:

  • Promotional Materials – JULY 2020
  • Weekly Parent Videos (English and Spanish) – JULY 2020
  • Weekly Adult Guides (all 4 weeks – Spanish) – JULY 2020
  • Two Day Parent Guide (Spanish) – JULY 2020